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July 23' Updates

Hey it’s Matt! 👋 

If you’re getting this email you likely know me from one of my companies/projects: Agora Labs (acquired), Inner Circle, amongst others.

Welcome to Compound Advantage, my monthly newsletter for sharing my latest projects, frameworks, and actionable ideas. Here’s my July updates:

What I’ve Been Up To 😼 

Quick life updates..

  1. My Last Week of NYC (& HackNY): I’m part of this program this summer called HackNY, a co-living experience with a cohort of 13 ‘hackers’ interning at different companies - it’s allowed me to experience the full NYC experience. The program finishes next week, and honestly its a major reason why I’m considering this the best summer I’ve ever had. Met some incredible friends through the program, and it confirmed to me that NYC is where I wanna be after I graduate. I’ll be headed back to Toronto for the rest of summer, will probably be at ETHToronto as well. I’m also confirmed to be judging at a couple startup competitions later in the month.

  2. More NYC Adventures: Went whitewater rafting last weekend which was an absolute blast! A couple other highlights this month was going on a VC cruise, Rooftop Mixers, Chess Competitions, and Startup Hangouts.

  3. Got MLH Top 50 Award: Was named MLH Top 50 2023, an recognition given to hackers who have made a meaningful contribution to the hacker community. They wrote a really well documented blog about my journey. Plus, they sent some swag to my Toronto place which I’m excited to try out!

  4. Build Mindset: I’ve really been enjoying the build grind. I wanted to catalyst on that, so I started two fun initiatives:
    (1) I have a private weekly builder group with a couple builder friends. We call every Sunday and talk about what technical projects we are building and any problems and learnings we’ve had.
    (2) I started a private daily(ish) newsletter called Daily Ships, where I post what my technical learnings are every day. It’s been a fun way to share some private projects I’m working on, and distill what I learned in writing form.

Experiments 🧪 

Current projects, insights & thoughts about: tech, life optimization, investing..

  1. Did an AI Hackathon!: honestly really fun experience; stayed up for most of the night building w/ my team mate Miguel. After this, I want to ship more products, publicly. Used Chakra UI for design, OpenAI for generated script, and ElevenLabs for the audio. We built in ~7 hours:

    My Hackathon Project

  2. Meetings on Mondays: been starting to batch all my calls I have on Mondays. I took this method from my friend Bobby, and I’ve noticed a considerable difference in extra time I have in the week. It greatly reduces latency from outside forces.

Chat next month,

Matt | (@mattespoz) 🥷🏼

P.S. If we haven’t chatted in a while feel free to reach out! I’m a bit too occupied in NYC to setup catchup calls, but would love to reconnect :)

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