🟣 Crypto is Dying (or is it?)

what everyone is getting wrong about web3

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🆕 Personal Updates

It's officially July!

I've been on an insane building mode mostly shipping fun products while meeting awesome people in the process 👨🏻‍💻

Built my first web3 project on the Solana blockchain, started a 20 day build challenge on Inner Circle, co-hosted my first web3 IRL event in Toronto (maxed at 120 attendees in 48 hours!), attended Collision Toronto 2022 conference, built a fun quote generator that allows you to auto-tweet to Twitter, had fun optimizing my github profile and resume, attended a UW blockchain IRL meetup with partnership with Sonr, transitioned my newsletter from Revue to Beehiv, and officially getting a monthly sponsorship for this newsletter 🤫

^ This was a photo of the pre-inner circle meetup (1 hour before the main event) w/ the OG Inner Circle Members. It was insane being able to finally meet people I've only chatted with from discord before. 🎉

P.S. if you plan on attending ETHToronto in August, or Hack the North shoot me a REPLY to this email! We can meetup and get coffee! ☕️

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🎖 "Yup... Crypto has Died"

We are certainly in a bear market.

I'm seeing lots of people remove the word 'web3' from their bio, whereas the biggest believers (yours truly) continues to believe in the space.

Despite lower VC funding in the space recently, we are still seeing some incredible stories and companies moving the space forward

I'm still a steady believer that in this early stage of crypto we will see infrastructure focused companies take a front mover advantage.

Crypto, for me, has always been primarily defined by the people

And the biggest believers haven't changed their position.

Here's the best advice I'm probably heard from my friend Anton:

"In a bull market everyone is a genius. But very few people can keep it together in a bear market."

With that, stay strong, buy the dip, and keep building - I know I will ✌🏼

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