🟣 How to Build ANY Product You Want

the fastest way to become technical

Two years ago I didn’t know how to code.

Today, I’ve built software used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Here’s what I’ve learned (that no one tells you) about becoming technical:

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How to Build ANY Product You Want

I still remember how frustrated I was when I paid thousands to a development agency only to find that they were unable to fulfill my vision.

We eventually hired a CTO for that startup and he built the product in 5 weeks.

In comparison, the development agency took 3 months.

After selling my first company, I made a promise to myself:

“I would learn to code.”

But not just learn to code, I wanted to build ANY product I want.

It took me 2 years to get to where I’m at.

Here are 6 massive learnings I’ve had along the way:

1) Rule of Two

I've never had fun building solo projects—it get boring very quickly.

All my most impactful projects I did with at least one other person.

Find someone that is 10% better than you then start BUILDING.

You can often find them while doing hackathons.

My coding buddy is Miguel

2) Projects > Courses

There's tons of courses & programs about: 'How to Code.'

As soon as you got the basics, I would then start building projects.

Find tutorials on how to build projects, not on how to code.

Work backwards from your end goal.

I started with a course on ‘Building Projects in React’.

I learned more from that project-focused course than any lecture in school.

3) Master a Single Stack

Instead of mastering a language, focus on mastering a stack.

I recommend looking into the MERN stack if you want to build web apps.

From there you can branch out to other stacks.

Chose the stack to build the app you want.

4) Frontend First

Frontend is the front facing part of the application

In this case, it’s the text you are reading on screen right now.

Although not for everyone, I recommend it for 99% of developers.

When starting to code, the best way to learn is quick feedback loops.

Being able to change code and have it affect the app immediately is the fastest feedback cycle there is.

5) Get Paid to Learn

Cold email early stage startups.

Learn on someone else’s dime.

Go to VC Firms & Startup Accelerators then search by recently companies they have invested in.

Email all the startups that are interesting to you.

You just need one to take a chance on you.

Prove your worth.

Here are the main highlights:

  1. Rule of Two

  2. Projects > Courses

  3. Single Stack

  4. Frontend First

  5. Get Paid to Learn

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